5 Things I Do Every Morning As A Homestead Mama

I’m naturally a morning person – when I get a solid 8 hours, I don’t mind waking up early and I adore watching the sun rise over the foothills. Reality comes crashing in though and I haven’t really slept great in 11 years because I’ve had 6 little babies in that time span. Sleep or no sleep, the morning chore await me and I have come to love my routine as a homestead mama. As I sit here with my morning cup of coffee, I am tired and achey from a long night up with our baby and I long to crawl back in bed for a few more hours but I am happy to know the sense of accomplishment early in the day.

Often times people wonder how I juggle the daily demands and I’ve learned routines over the years from others  –  so along the way, I’ve loved to see what others consider their ‘must do’ routines in their day. These 5 items are my must-dos.

1 – Walk the Grounds

It is essential to know what you might need to do in your day. Life happens and time isn’t something you can get back or buy more of. Having priorities on your life is crucial. I am blessed with (and restrained by) a small single acre property that can easily be assessed in a short amount of time. Storms happen, predators may visit, things change. The only way to know is to see for yourself. If you have a tiny yard in a cute manicured subdivision or a larger piece of land that requires more time, you will benefit from a morning walk around. Take your time to look around and know what might take immediate priority for you today in your  yard.

the shadows are always dramatic in the morning

2 – Tend Animal and Livestock Needs

Part of my morning walk about doubles as a chance to check on the animals and assess food and water needs. Clean water is a must-have for healthy living beings and this is my number one priority for them. Some of my animals have automatic waters like this piglet waterer and others have buckets that require manual filling every morning. I make sure even our automatic watering set ups are in functioning capacity by quickly poking the valve and making sure water flows. Food requirements are different for our various animals – so while our chickens have access to food 24/7 in their run, our pigs required their food given to them twice daily and my morning walk about was perfect time to get them food. Healthy and happy livestock is essential to any homestead.  (Besides, who doesn’t want to collect fresh eggs for breakfast first thing in the morning?!)

Our piggies adore fresh mud in the mornings

3 – Garden Check

Gardening is a marvelous craft that takes checking in often. I consider checking the garden every morning a requirement due to weather, bugs and other visitors (like gophers!) that might need immediate attention. For example, last night an unexpected rain storm struck our area and I do not need to water our garden this morning – but we have a wave of heat headed for us and knowing that, I’ll need to ensure water lines and sprinklers do work! I check our plants for bug damage first thing in the mornings as well. This ensures that I catch issues quickly. Right now I’m battling ants in my strawberries – so checking traps and making note of what  needs refilled, what is working great, what is a total flop are best noted daily.

oh how true this saying is

4 – Plan My Day

Now that I’ve gone outside and done a visual check of everything, I can sit down and prioritize my time. I personally use a Bullet Journal System in the best notebook ever! Seriously, I love this thing. What are we going to eat today? Are there any appointments? What priorities do I have with our homeschool rhythm today? What are my goals? This step takes just a few minutes and has dramatically improved my productivity!

5 – Take Some Self-Care Moments BEFORE Others Wake!

It started when I read The Miracle Morning and I knew I wasn’t quite my best self. I can accomplish many things, but if I’m not dedicated to being the best version of first, I can not give my best. I go through phases of sleeping in (usually on mornings like this when my baby wanted to be up all night long several days in a row). I believe that has it’s place in my life and I appreciate sleep as much as the next person. I’ve also found that sleeping in makes me feel frazzled and ‘behind’ on my day. Having some quiet time in the morning before my children need me allows me time to focus on all the things I want to accomplish. No two self-care routines look the same, but I know that this step is a must-do for this homesteading mama because before I know it, it’s sunset again and the day is done in a blink of an eye.

wouldn’t it be nice to simply look out the window and the yard cares for itself?

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