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I’m Macy and I’m the mama musing behind the screen and main author of A Nest in the City! I have 6 incredible young children and an awesome husband that rocks my world. I’m an epic homemaker with some serious flare for the unique! We homeschool and are all about connecting to our community. We homestead while living in a typical suburban city with a little acre of heaven.



A Nest in the City is a place to connect to new ideas, learn from the thoughts of a mom of many and a launching space to share our knowledge with our valued readers. YOU matter here. Do you want to know more about how to establish a great garden? We have an idea or two from our decade of feeding our family straight from our yard! Or are your interested in learning how quality time with your children can create more peace in your homeschool routine? I will share with you what is working for us and what hasn’t worked in the past! Are you looking for new recipes? We can help with that!

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