How to Cut Dishes with Kids NOW

The last day of school has come and gone. Thousands of happy kids are enjoyed their parties and teachers are ready for a hard earned breath of fresh air. Lots of excitement ensues with the last week of school before summer break but I’ve got to tell you – the glorious fun wears off about a week into summer break when you are faced with more dishes, more laundry and more be-nice-to-your-sibling management – am I right? At least, I remember my mom let us veg for a week before we got called out for being lazy and had to pull it together or she’d kill us. That is exactly where many people are today… It’s been a week and now what?

The habit of grabbing a clean water glass isn’t that bad when everyone is only home for a few hours in the evening before bedtime. That same habit can lead to excessive dishes and cluttered counters when everyone is home all day. As a homeschooling mother of many, I have faced down this issue and found the solution that saves my sanity as a mom of 6 busy kids.

These have saved my sanity from endless dishes! Seriously. Stop right now and get your kiddos some water bottles. Let them pick it out! We happen to own those Contigo water bottles (and these ones for those of us in my house that prefer to have a straw!) you could easily pick up smaller ones that have fun patterns on them. My younger kiddos have these miniature versions are perfect for little hands.

Colored water bottles solves so many problems – no one can say “that wasn’t my glass” and instead of blame wars between siblings, it’s very easy to remain a gentle parent and keep kids accountable “Hey kiddo, your water bottle is next to the trampoline, please go get it”. We’ve developed the habit of filling them before we leave the house and I appreciate the personal responsibility that grew from this simple habit. Less yelling, more accountability. Less grumpy mama, more happy kiddos.

But honestly? I’m just thrilled to do less dishes. It’s really that simple. I hate dishes and if you’re struggling with dishes overload, I really recommend this system. Life changing mom hack.

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  1. I need strategies for dishes and silverware! Oh my they eat more food too 😜

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