Our Favorite Soup

I love Idaho in the Spring. It’s a bit of a wild card – sun burns one day and the next, hail, wind and 25* colder! Today is the latter of those crazy weather options and our day started a bit rocky. Truth be told, it started with me in a puddle of sadness and I needed a task to work with my hands while my heart sorted itself right out. I considered gardening – my favorite spring task – but after settling my sweet baby down for a nap, I got all dressed in my gardening clothes (holy mud outside!) and then promptly found that my lovely children had taken my boots outside and left them overnight in the rain. I definitely felt “kicked while I’m down” about that. I decided that the next best thing to gardening would be cooking something comforting for us all.

A good soup is always a welcomed meal in our home. I knew right away when I was feeling so down that I wanted a go-to favorite meal, not a new recipe for dinner. Our kids call it Veggie Chowder. It’s never exactly the same twice because we use what we have and it always works wonderfully. Today was extra special though because I picked up some bread bowls to serve it in!

Veggie Cheddar Chowder – Huberty Style

1 large onion chopped
whole head of garlic minced
Roughly 2-3 cups of carrots, sliced

Add the above ingredients to a large stock pot with a touch of oil.
Cook together for about 5 minutes.

5# yukon gold potatoes – cubed into bite sized bits
1 large package of frozen corn
1 large package of frozen peas
1 large head of cauliflower chopped into small pieces
2 qt veggie broth

Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a boil. Add in spices of your choosing. Today we added in black pepper and a bit of montreal chicken seasoning. (I really just wing it any time I cook!). Let everything lightly boil until potatoes are soft.

Turn the heat to low and grab your blender! Toss half of your soup in your blender and mix until smooth. Pour this back into your soup pot and stir. This step gives it a wonderful thick texture without excessive ingredients or time making a roux.

Add 1 cup of half & half. A handful of cheese.

Serve hot with your favorite bread (or wow your family with bread bowls!) and a side salad.

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