Sharing Your Harvest – It’s NOT Enough to Enjoy Alone

I read an article about 11 pm last night that was exactly as I had just experienced life. It was all about ditching the need to host perfectly (scarymommy potluck post ) and actually getting together with others to connect on a real level. The thought of what my Sunday brought me was just leaving me with a peaceful contentment that lead to an amazing night of sleep. I woke up this morning and knew I had to do better though – and I think you do too. Hear me out….

Yesterday was a nearly perfect Sunday. We’ve been remodeling our home for a little over 18 months now and I found myself overjoyed at the prospect of completing another item on the list yesterday. Our island cabinets are *this close* to being completed – all I need to do now is order drawer pull hardware! I puttered around the yard tackling some weeds in our garden while my husband worked on our kitchen cabinets. We had a picnic lunch with happy kids, wet from running in the sprinklers and I enjoyed the no-cooking-needed meal. We ended our day sitting under our walnut tree with friends and yummy grilled pork harvested last year from our homestead.

With all this goodness, I realized it exemplified what I wanted more of. More connection, more sharing, more friendships being nourished. It isn’t enough for me to live this homestead lifestyle solo. I don’t think it serves anyone but myself unless I share the fruits of my labors with others. It’s not like I don’t have enough to share! I think the same is true of all of us.

You might not have a pig growing in your yard, like we did last year, and you might not garden at all today – but you have something to give. You matter in your community. Find something you can give and share it with someone. Brighten their day and connect with them. It might be as simple as picking up a cup of coffee for a friend having a bad day, but that has a real meaning and value to creating the world you want to see.

I’ve decided it’s not enough to be a homesteading mama and hoard our goodness for us. It’s true, feeding our tiny army of 6 young children takes all the produce, all the eggs, all the meat, all the milk we currently produce – but I’m choosing to share it. I used to attend food swaps and I miss them. Somewhere along the way, I just became so busy that I forgot how to fit it all in. Perhaps for a time I even prioritized my time incorrectly and couldn’t find the best ways to engage in things I loved the most. I used to bring eggs over to our neighbors just because I wanted to share with others. I used to bake a loaf of bread and bring it to a friend with some jam that I canned because I wanted to brighten their day. I used to send more greeting cards in the mail. I used to do more.

Today, I’m committing to getting back to everything I love about sharing with others. I know you can too. Pick up a card for a friend when you grocery shop next. Make a dozen extra cookies and give them to your neighbor next time you bake cookies with your kids. Plant an extra tomato plant in your garden and donate fresh produce to your local food pantry or shelter. Let’s do this together.

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  1. Love, love, love this!

    1. anestinthecity says: Reply

      Monica, You are such a beautiful example to me. You live this so well. I remember the tender kindness of canning peach jam together in your kitchen during my miscarriage. I was so sad and you shared with me your bountiful harvest, shared your yummy recipe, and gave me a task to do with my hands while my heart worked itself out. I love you friend! Thank you for being you.

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